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All of our Care Workers are required to undergo induction training and receive The Care Certificate (which became compulsory for career in health and social care as of 1st April 2015).

Our comprehensive induction training course is divided into 2 parts: Online and Face to face training and coaching, which takes place at our dedicated training centre and is led by our qualified trainer. eLearning system we use is suitable for people who suffer dyslexia.

Ongoing professional career programme has been designed in such a way that it is possible for you to commence with our basic training and ethics program to become a YEHS We Care accredited Carer within your first month and for you then to proceed through different training assignments to obtain nationally recognised qualifications in specific areas such as dementia care, caring for the physically disabled and caring for those with specific disabilities such as blindness and deafness. The career program also provides you with additional background courses to further your own education and to provide a gateway to management.

From the moment you start working with us we will ensure you have the tools and information to succeed in your career

Care Certificate

This course aims to ensure the learner has the knowledge and understanding to be able to care for clients in a safe and dignified manner. The Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) Essential Standards of Quality and Safety highlight the importance and value of strong and comprehensive induction. With Care Certificate course you will learn the standards people working in adult social care need to meet before they can safely work unsupervised.

• Describe the role of the health and social care worker
• Identify areas for their own personal development
• Demonstrate how to communicate effectively
• Clarify the importance of equality and inclusion
• Explain the principles for implementing a duty of care
• Describe the principles for safeguarding within health and social care
• Identify how to promote and deliver person centred support
• Clarify and demonstrate (where applicable) health and safety procedures

Fluids & Nutrition

This course aims to ensure delegates gain an understanding of how nutrition has a direct connection with health and well-being.

People realise that their health is very important once they turn 45 and according to the Dieting Trends Mintel report from 2013, over-55s “are the most likely to choose food carrying L/N/R fat and sugar and high fibre claims when looking for healthy food”.

  • Identify the essential nutrients required to sustain a healthy and active body
  • Understand what our food is made up of, and which category of nutrients it belongs to
  • Work out what foods would benefit specific dietary requirements

Dementia Care

This City & Guilds Endorsed course is mapped to the required outcomes of Tier 1 in the Dementia Core Skills Education and Training Framework 2016.

• Unit 1. What is dementia?
• Unit 2. The person-centred model for understanding dementia Unit 3. Communication and behaviour
• Unit 4. Individualised care of people with dementia

Medication Awareness

This course aims to provide with an overview of the process of administering medication to clients. Around 4-5% of hospital admissions are due to problems caused by the incorrect use of medicines.

  • State the legislation that underpins medication administration
  • Explain the process you go through from ordering through to administration and also disposal of medicine
  • Identify the different routes for administration of medicines and the possible drugs for each one

These are Only Some Areas You will Cover within our
Induction Training

  • Introduction to YEHS We Care

  • Core Care Induction

  • Internal policies and Procedures

  • Communication

  • Continence and Personal Care

  • Dementia Tier 2 and 3

  • Emergency First Aid

  • Equality, Diversity and Human Rights

  • Food Hygiene, Diet and Nutrition

  • Health and Fire Safety

  • Infection Control

  • Medication

  • Mental Health

  • Moving and Handling

  • Principles of Care

  • Safeguarding Adults

  • Other Aspects of Care

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YEHS Academy – Ongoing Personal Development

We have collaborated with industry professionals to ensure it

We wish to ensure that every member of our team has the ability to grow within our business and to obtain the very best possible training for the benefit of all of our Care partners. If you are looking for a career and not just the job no matter how far you want to go then YEHS We Care has a pathway for your success. We have an ongoing development and training programme for all staff. This is bespoke to the individual role and may include classroom training, elearning, supervisions and coaching and blended learning.

We even set up our own YEHS Academy to ensure you can grow your career and suit your aspirations with us. Through YEHS Academy you can access over 90 high quality courses ranging from basic to specialised needs of healthcare professional. All courses are endorsed by City & Guilds and provided in collaboration with eLearnign For You and Affinity Group.

Indeed the extent of your training will only be limited by your own desire and input. It is quite possible by joining YEHS we Care™ as one of our valued Carer s that you can develop your career over a period of 2 to 3 years to becoming one of our Senior Managers and achieve a level of examination that will satisfy the care quality commissions requirement for you to become a registered manager and run your own regional care team under the YEHS We Care umbrella.