A rewarding Career

Deciding upon a Career that concentrates on providing care for people from all walks of life in all types of environments is not for all and certainly not for the faint hearted.

However once the decision has been made new entrants to this profession quickly find that it is considered as one of the most ethical, responsible and rewarding career options available today and because a good carer can make all the difference to someone’s quality of life the rewards of this career far surpass the monetary and material gains provided for the work carried out.

The role of the professional carer can also be a highly stable, sustainable and financially rewarding vocation with a wide range of opportunities being available as you progress. One of the great opportunities of a career in care is that the barrier to enter the profession is not as high in academic terms as other professions, with your attitude, mindset and willingness to commit to hard work being far more important than academic qualifications.

We ensure that everybody who works with us in the caring profession is given ample opportunity to rise as high in our organisation as their talent and work ethic will allow

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Rewarding Career

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At YEHS We Care™

we are committed to providing every member of our staff with a pathway to take their career aspirations as far as their abilities and desires will take them.

We have a clear and detailed vision of our business and one of the key building blocks is our absolute belief in delivering full and transparent opportunities for all members of our staff irrespective of their cultural background and previous qualifications.

“Only by helping our staff to achieve their full potential can the management team at YEHS We Care obtain the very best from each and every one of our Colleagues within the business. By helping our colleagues to reach their career aspirations we can ensure our Care Partners receive the very best level of dedicated and professional care.” Dr Charlie Easmon CEO YEHS We Care™

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