Some of the Key Clauses from YEHS We Care Policies

YEHS We Care once again emphasise that domiciliary care services are very much tailored to specific needs and conditions of the individual and detailed in the Customer Care Plan together with the required procedure to supply such services. However, for the purpose of introduction and to brief YEHS We Care Customers with important clauses in YEHS We Care Policies and Procedures, below is a concise summary that shall be red carefully. We encourage our Customers and their Representatives to contact YEHS We Care for any enquiries in this regards as well as for the full text of any of YEHS We Care Policies.

Assessment of care needs and requirements – The Customer Care Plan

Before providing services YEHS We Care will discuss with the Customer (and others, with his/her permission, who are connected with a care process) Customer’s precise care needs. Customer will be asked for information which may be relevant to the preparation of the Personal Customer Care Plan (and its subsequent review), including, but not limited to, for example, Customer likes and preferences, dislikes, allergies, physical and mental conditions, aspirations in respect of his/her care etc. Following these discussions (which will usually take place in Customer’s home) YEHS We Care will draw up a Customer Care Plan and present this to the Customer together with an accurate assessment of the costs involved in providing care in accordance with the plan.

Risk assessment

YEHS We Care reserves the right to undertake a risk assessment in the Customer’s home or premises where the agreed services will be supplied in order to evaluate the working environment and its safety for both a Customer and a Carer. YEHS We Care will discuss results of such assessments and occurred issues (if any) with a Customer or a person acting on their behalf where it is more appropriate. In the event, the issues cannot be solved and action to prevent possible risks for the party(s) in such environment cannot be agreed, YEHS We Care reserves the right to decline supply of any service to the Customer in such environment.

If we see something which is (or might be) dangerous then we will assess the risk and where necessary, advise a Customer what action we think he/she should take, or require to take.

Customers accept obligations to provide a safe environment for our Care Workers and the necessary and appropriate equipment for them to carry out the service. These obligations include:

  • maintaining a generally clean and safe home free of risks and hazards;
  • maintaining a safe route of access to and from Customer home;
  • providing any equipment that is required to deliver Customer care such as lifting and transfer aids, wheelchairs and other mobility aids;
  • providing all domestic cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaners, mops, irons etc;
  • maintaining an adequate supply of cleaning aids, detergents etc;
  • informing us of any communicable diseases in the household; and
  • ensuring that any necessary equipment supplied by you, or someone else (a third party), is regularly maintained and inspected in accordance with all relevant safety requirements.

We will review the health and safety assessment every year, or whenever an accident or an untoward incident (such as a “near miss”) takes place. The Customer Care Plan will be reviewed either in line with a timetable agreed between us and the Customer at the beginning, or upon Customer reasonable request, or when circumstances change, or when we consider it appropriate or desirable.

Recruitment of care workers and the protection of clients

YEHS We Care exercises reasonable judgement, care and skill at all times and undertakes rigorous recruitment processes for Care Workers. These processes include a personal interview, taking references and completing an Enhanced Disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service formally known as the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Disclosure. This check provides additional confirmation that the Care Worker who might be working for you is not on, for example, any of the lists of workers who are not permitted to work with vulnerable adults.

Training and competence of care workers

YEHS We Care Care Workers have received training in relation to the responsibilities which are assigned to them and are assessed by us as competent workers. All Care Workers employed by us are required to follow our policies and procedures which are designed to ensure the highest quality of service to Customers.

No Smoking Policy

We understand that the Second hand smoke is a known and accepted health hazard and increases risks for both Carers and Customers. In provisions made under the Health Act 2006, smoking is not allowed in any enclosed workplace, public building or on public transport in the UK. As a consequence of these legal requirements and health damages YEHS WE CARE We Care  has taken measures to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of all staff and Customers. YEHS We Care has adopted a no smoking policy into its business conduct. YEHS We Care Carers are forbidden to smoke in the presence of Customers or in their premises and Customers are asked not to smoke in the presence of the YEHS We Care’s Care Workers.


YEHS We Care will, through formal and informal procedures, monitor the care of all Customers on a regular and non-discriminatory basis so as to ensure that individual care plans are implemented, maintained and updated and that care is delivered safely and to appropriate and laid down standards.

YEHS We Care is legally responsible for its Carers and will not tolerate abuse or neglect in any form (either of Customers, employees or anyone connected with the company) and where abuse is suspected, or witnessed, then immediate action will be taken, as outlined in the YEHS We Care Safeguarding procedure.

For the purposes of abuse indication it is defined as: “A single or repeated act or lack of appropriate action occurring within any relationship where there is an expectation of trust, which causes harm or distress. Abuse may be in connection, but not limited to cultural background, language, gender, disability, age, sexuality, religion or beliefs.”

Intimate Care

YEHS We Care responsible for the care and welfare of its Customers extends, inevitably, to the provision of intimate care, which may be defined as:

“The care tasks associated with bodily functions, body products and personal hygiene which demand direct or indirect contact with or exposure of the sexual parts of the body”.

It is the YEHS We Care’s policy to undertake such tasks in a discreet, dignified, caring and sensitive manner reflecting where possible, the needs, preferences and wishes of the Client and delivered in a manner which always respects the Customer’s privacy and dignity. YEHS We Care believes that intimate care should never be delivered when the Customer is willing, able and requests to undertake the task independently. YEHS We Care ensures that all Customers will be treated with respect and dignity and be offered intimate care services that are appropriate to their age, their social and cultural norms, and reflecting their individuality, needs and preferences.

Administration of Medicines

Prescribed medicines (as well as dressings, appliances etc) are the property of the Customer and in order to promote independence, YEHS We Care Carers encourage Customers to self-administer their own medicines whenever this is possible, and it is safe to do so.

Where self-administration has been agreed, and recorded in the Customer’s Personal Care Plan, then then YEHS We Care, and it’s care workers will undertake to maintain a watchful eye on the situation, and in an unobtrusive way, gain the confidence that medicines are being taken. Care workers are instructed to report any concerns (such as apparent failures, sudden shortages) to their Manager. Although self-administration is encouraged, it may not be appropriate in every case, and YEHS We Care will assess the risks associated with self-administration of medicines for each Customer. Partial self-administration may be possible in certain situations, particularly, for example, where the Customer has full mental powers, but may have some physical problems (such as difficulty opening containers) where assistance needs to be given.

The decision about the responsibility for the administration of medicines will form part of the assessment process, and the tasks agreed to be undertaken by YEHS We Care will be integrated into the Customer’s Personal Care Plan, which will be reviewed regularly, as the Customer’s level of competence may change over time. Where the Customer wishes to self-administer but the assessment questions whether self-administration is appropriate, then the agreement of the doctor responsible for patient care must be obtained.


All Customers will be provided with the statement on confidentiality. This statement outlines the obligations placed upon YEHS We Care to safeguard confidential information; describes the circumstances whereby YEHS We Care may disclose confidential information, together with the circumstances where express consent is required, and finally the Customer’s right to object to any disclosure. YEHS’s staff are also given a copy of this statement. Any failure to observe the principles outlined will lead to disciplinary action which, in more serious or repeated cases, may lead to the employee’s dismissal.

Entering Premises

Prior to entering the premises of a Customer, YEHS We Care workers will knock, speak through the door and wait for permission to enter. Entry without permission is only acceptable in a clear emergency situation, where there are concerns regarding the safety of the Customer, or where this has been approved in advance, and is incorporated into the Customer’s Personal Care Plan.

Where the Customer is deaf, or otherwise incapable of indicating their willingness to, and acceptance of, the care worker’s entry, then some other approach must be agreed and adopted at the time the service begins.

Gifts, Wills and Bequests

It is not uncommon for a Customer, or someone closely connected to the Customer, to offer some gift as a mark of appreciation for the high quality of care they have routinely received from YEHS We Care or its Carers. At the same time, the taking of gifts or acceptance of substantial favours by employees from, for example, Customers, or their relatives can give rise to embarrassing situations and may be seen as an improper inducement to give some concession in return to the donor. Therefore, any employee who breaches this fundamental principle will be subject to disciplinary action which will, almost certainly, lead to summary dismissal. Forbidden areas shall include Wills and other documents in connection to YEHS We Care Carers.

Instead, to avoid misunderstandings, YEHS We Care encourages Customers to speak to YEHS We Care Manager or Carer Supervisor and leave comments and feedback about the Carer you want to thank to and YEHS We Care will do its best to reward such Carer in its own way.

Handling Clients’ Money and Property

YEHS We Care aims to promote and maintain the independence of its Customers in all aspects relating to the care and services they receive and believes that control of money matters is a key element of independence.

Customers are therefore actively encouraged to take control of all aspects of their financial affairs, thus avoiding over-dependence on others, even in minor ways. There will be instances, however, when support is needed, and given, and it is in these situations in particular where simple good practices need to be implemented from the YEHS We Care and the Customer side and observed, so as to promote trust and avoid disputes, misunderstanding or suspicion.

To avoid any misunderstandings, Customers or people acting on their behalf shall evidence in writing if they require YEHS We Care Carers to keep keys for the Customer’s Property in order to allow supply of service only.