We believe that the only way to continuously improve quality of services is to interact with Customers, their representatives, our team members, field professionals and the Community. Feedback from all the connected parties is collected and analysed every quarter by a dedicated division and the senior management. We welcome new technologies and expertise in order to help our Carers in their duties and to improve the quality of our services.  

Reviews & Audit 

Regular internal audits and reviews are conducted buy YEHS We Care compliance department in order to maintain the high level of quality for the services provided. Also, the Care Quality Commission, which is the entity overseeing this market and as YESH We Care’s regulator, is performing regular compliance audits on both the carers and the Management staff.

Supervisor Feedback

Each Carer has a dedicated Supervisor or Manager. The quarterly Supervisor’s visits and assessments allows us to ensure that a Carer’s performance is continuously monitored and that the Customer’s expectations are met.. Apart from this, the final supervisory report will be concluded at the end of the 12-month service or at the end of the contract, where a Carer’s support and services provided will be analysed in relation to the Customer’s care, expectations and whether their needs were met. However, evaluation and required adjustments to the Care can be done before that if the Customer or his /her representative or current conditions require this. Our Supervisory and Management team understands changing needs of Customers and will do its best to give the highest quality of support.

Feedback and Surveys

As was mentioned above YEHS We Care is regulated by the CQC in UK. YEHS We Care quality assurance process consists of two parts. Firstly, every six months we run a survey on service satisfaction to obtain feedback from our Customers or their representatives. Secondly, at least once a year, YEHS We Care organises an internal survey, where Carers and other staff share their opinions in order to evaluate current services and analyse what else can be done to improve our domiciliary Care procedures for both Customers and Carers. According to the Standard 27 of the National Minimum Standards, we will (1) publish the outcome of the quality assurance process, (2) circulate to all Our Customers or their representatives, Carers and Stakeholders of YEHS We Care and (3) ensure that the data is available to Care Quality Commission Inspection (CQC).

In-house Training

YEHS We Care together with its affiliates and partners have established YEHS Academy, which has developed a package of specialised courses and training programmes for Carers to cater to the customers’ needs,. Prior to becoming a member of our team, each individual undergoes a thorough intensive induction programme as well as ongoing courses for improving their qualifications. Experience and diligence are the foremost criteria for the YEHS Carers.

Cooperation with Field Professionals

In the conduct of our business, we adhere to high standards of quality, responsibilities and corporate governance, which are based on CQC guidance and UKHCA. In addition, we guarantee that each member of YEHS staff undergo thorough in-depth qualifications, pre-employment, criminal records and health checks.

As a registered Domiciliary Care Provider, the company is subject to regular inspections by CQC; a copy of the latest inspection report can be obtained upon request by contacting YEHS We Care team or can be viewed on CQC’s website http://www.cqc.org.uk, as well as on the company’s website http://www.yehswecare.co.uk.

Ease of Communication

YEHS We Care contact details can be found on the company website. In addition, each Customer receives a Welcome Pack where all the contact details of Senior Management, Supervisory Team, Carer(s) and Complaints Department are provided.