YEHS We Care Ltd Customers Guide


Purpose of the Guide

YEHS We Care Ltd is registered with and inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC): subject to CQC Application and Approval. Details on how to Contact the Commission are included in the Complaints Section of this Guide. YEHS We Care Ltd specialises in delivering a wide range of home care services to different age groups across England. We understand it is important for any person to have and enjoy the comfort of their home, environment and culture.

The Guide has been prepared in order to avoid any misunderstandings with Customers, or people acting on their behalf in regards to the nature and purpose of YEHS We Care Ltd services. The company’s General Terms and Conditions and the Business Conduct Standards will govern this document.   We encourage you to read this Guide carefully as well as to visit our website, for more information about the specific types of our domiciliary care services.

Note: Service Users are referred to in this document as Customers


Important information

In the event when:

  • a large print version or
  • a version in a foreign language (please specify)
  • or any clarification

is required, we are more than happy to assist you and/or the person acting on your behalf with this.


Please do not hesitate to contact us on 07791366666 or


YEHS We Care Aims and Objectives

YEHS We Care recognise that probably no agency can care for a person better than their own family. We also understand why people prefer to stay at home rather than in a care home or hospital. To help our Customers to decide if we are the right agency for them or their beloved, we always strive to achieve our Aims and Objectives set out in the Services and Business Conduct Standards.


YEHS We Care aims to deliver the best domiciliary service to each customer bearing in mind their preferences and specific needs and wants.  We believe that the aim can be achieved only by engaging with our Customers and the Community. The feedback received helps us to develop new and improve on our existing best practices and objectives of YEHS We Care Services.


  1. Customer Care and Support is a priority. The objectives are:
  • To provide the Highest Quality Service by ensuring that the Standards are met by each Carer
  • To provide the best tailored Care and adjust the Support to Customer needs and wants
  • To ensure flexibility of service and Carers, providing a high-quality flexible, responsive and non – intrusive service that is tailored to the needs of the individual
  • To respect freedom of Choice and be ready to readjust the service
  • To encourage our Customers and their families, using only friendly techniques of communication
  • To ensure punctuality and consistency of our staff
  • To ensure that expectations of the Customers are met
  • To respond to and settle Complaints in a timely and friendly manner
  • To promote independent living, working within the client’s range of abilities and competencies;
  • To deliver care, in the client’s home in a manner which is non-discriminatory, sensitive to the cultural needs of the client and respectful of their environment and traditions;
  • To ensure that confidential information is protected at all times and only shared with others strictly in accordance with the company’s policy on confidentiality;


  1. Fair and Accountable Business relationship. The objectives are to:
  • ensure that business partners and affiliates do not have illegal access to Customers records
  • ensure that the company maintains its reputation and appreciate trust of its Customers
  • ensure the services are provided within the Legal Rules and Codes
  • fairly reward, appreciate and encourage our staff
  • continuously organise internal assessments and trainings for  improving Carers skills
  • follow Corporate Governance Practice in our Business Conduct


  1. Community is a part of our business and a part of our Customers life. The objectives are to:
  • ensure the CQC standards are fully met
  • appreciate and collaborate with the professional bodies in the field
  • be aware about the lastest developments in the Care market
  • be always respectful and friendly to all the people in the Community, not only from our customers circle.
  • ensure self-governance of our staff
  • give preferences to eco-friendly products and services
  • ensure that Customers and Carers are aware drinking and smoking are not welcomed


YEHS We Care Standards


  1. Customer Care is a priority for us. We will always strive to achieve the highest level of National Care Standards and much more.
  2. Our involvement in Customer care and support always will be accompanied with honesty and respect.
  3. We will continuously ensure that care, treatment and support meets customer needs. Assessment of Customer’s personal needs and explanation about available options will be our focus before providing the service. We will do our best to make sure that Customers receive safe and appropriate care that supports and meet their needs and rights.
  4. Before providing any of our support services, the Customer or his/her Attorney will be asked whether he/she agrees to it. The care or treatment programme will be pre-agreed in advance and the responsible person will be named in the agreement. It is an agreement between two parties and not a one-sided obligation.
  5. We will provide and assign the best suitable Care to meet the Customer’s needs.

We will also ensure that the care at home will meet the Customer’s needs in terms of cultural background, language, gender, disability, age, sexuality, religion or beliefs.

  1. We will endeavour to explain to the Customer what is happening at every stage in the care at home or particular procedure.
  2. Irrespective of the Customer’s age and health condition, we will always be tolerant and respect their human rights.
  3. We will always respect the Customer’s decisions and not invade his/her privacy and treat them with dignity.
  4. We will not discuss any private matters except those that are related to treatment or care.
  5. We will always do as much as we can to make our Customers feel safe and protect them from possible danger or abuse.
  6. We will use the best technologies and our best efforts to ensure that Customers get the relevant medicines when they need it and in a safe way.
  7. We will continuously ensure that our Carers and staff undergo thorough personal and professional checks.
  8. We will provide Carers who have the knowledge, skills and experience to meet your health and welfare needs.
  9. We will work and liaise with other Carers and Customers’ friends to avoid misunderstandings and disputes with other individuals who may look after him/her with us.
  10. We will always ensure that our Customers are cared by staff who are well managed and who are continuously developing and improving their skills.
  11. We will always carry out routine checks on the quality of our staff. We will regularly monitor the quality of services to ensure Customers receive the best possible support and care.
  12. We always respect our staff. We are legally responsible for our Carers well being. At the same time, we expect understanding, respect and appropriate behaviour from Customers.
  13. Abuse of our staff is not accepted. We will do our best to ensure that our care workers will not be placed in such situations.
  14. We will always ensure Customers’ personal records are accurate, kept safely and confidentially.
  15. Complaints by customers, or a person acting on their behalf will be resolved in a satisfactory manner.


  • Nature of YEHS We Care Services


YEHS We Care, as a home care service provider, spesialises on delivering the best of breed Support and Care services to people, who in respect of their health conditions experience difficulties in the day-to-day life. YEHS We Care will provide fully trained multi-lingual and multi-ethnic staff. Our Carers aim to do the best possible in order to facilitate Customers freedom of choice and to guarantee that the highest standards of domiciliary care are met. YEHS We Care services encourage elderly and people with health difficulties to find suitable and comfortable ways to self-development and adapt to the life in a community or family. Our staff will never force or push Customers into something they do not expect to do. For this reason, our support and care programmes are varied and dependent upon the Customers’ needs and wants.


YEHS We Care Ltd provides full service home care to match the needs of the individual from a few hours a day, up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Below are examples of General and Specialised Care types of domiciliary care services available at YEHS We Care.


Care may be provided in the following areas:

  • Practical help, and domestic tasks;
  • Personal care;
  • Specialist care.


  • General:


  1. Personal Care Services


Our Customers are Masters in their own house and our aim is to facilitate that will. We understand that conditions and needs for a single person and people with a family may vary. The personal care services will be provided by carefully selected and trained carers, who will ensure that the Customer’s privacy is not invaded and dignity, culture and believes are respected.  YEHS We Care are happy to:


  • Assist with evening Tuck in Call
  • Assist with Washing and Dressing
  • Assist with Grooming needs
  • Assist with Cooking and Eating
  • Assist with Menu Planning
  • Assist with Toileting needs
  • Assist with Rehabilitation process
  • Assist with Outings and Friends’ Visits
  • Assist and Arrange Training Courses
  • Assist with Computers and Technologies
  • Care During a Journey
  • Provide Companionship
  • Help with Incontinence Care
  • Assist with Occasional or Daily living Care


  1. Home Help Services


All-round care in familiar surroundings:  home help can remove the burden from a relative without the need for permanent residential care.


  • Assisting with the Work in and outside the house
  • House and Garden Maintenance
  • Assisting with Shopping
  • Financial Management and Budgeting
  • Driving and Collection Service
  • Assist with Letter writing/ Phone calls/ Filling out forms
  • Handyman Services
  • Assisting with Decorating and Rearranging the house


  1. Supported Living Activities


This type of service is to encourage our Customers to socialise and provide a change to the everyday routine. We are happy to assist our Customers in organising visits to different educational, entertainment, and places of interest, as well as assisting with self-educational process at home. The services and support offered by YEHS We Care enable our Clients to enjoy a comfortable life where they remain in control. Visits to places, events and self-educational programmes may include individual or group:


  • Visits to Cinema and Theatre
  • Visits to Library
  • Visits to Museum
  • Assistance with entertainment research, e.g. music, films
  • Walks in Park or Forest
  • Concerts
  • Participation in Social and Community events
  • Meal in a Restaurant with friends and family
  • Family parties at home
  • Book readings
  • Educational lectures of interest
  • Visits to any other places of interest


  • Specialised Care


Dementia Care At YEHS We Care, we understand the needs of individuals with dementia as well as their family’s requirements. Dementia is a progressive condition, which means it gets worse over time. Furthermore, there are over 100 different forms of dementia, like Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, and Lewy Body.  Our domiciliary care support and care packages will vary, depending upon the stage and form of the disease.


Dementia may lead to difficulties in communication, changes in mood, challenging behaviour, increased confusion, anxiety and depression. We are aware how challenging it is to have some functional control both physically and mentally in such conditions.  All of our Carers are trained to support and provide the best possible care, solutions and services to make dementia patients’ life comfortable for them and their families by being at home.


Care Services include but not limited to:

  •   Reminiscence and Physiotherapy
  •   Stimulus Activities
  •   Activities for Remembering the Meaningful events and Facts
  •   Techniques and tips for Family members


Support with Learning Disabilities Our highly qualified,patient Carers through sensitive human interaction and possessing flexible communication skills are always ready to provide specialist domiciliary care to those with a range of learning disabilities and complex disorders such as autistic spectrum disorder, Down’s Syndrome, etc.


We will achieve satisfaction only when thanks to our Carers intervention, patients have learned a new skill or can demonstrate strong confidence in themselves.


Our list of domiciliary care services for people with Learning Disabilities will vary significantly in respect of age, gender, needs and qualities. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and for a free, no obligations quote tailored to your specific learning needs.


As an example, YEHS We Care offers to participate in the process of:

  •   Developing the ability to stay active and happy
  •   Enjoying the Work and Study
  •   Working towards independence with personal care tasks
  •   Building social skills used to develop friendships
  •   Monitoring Customers Medication and health appointments
  •   Building Independence and Discovering New Abilities
  •   Encouragement to creativity
  •   Building Budgeting Skills and basics of own money management
  •   Building Correspondence and Socialising Skills
  •   Short distances Travelling to Encourage Independence
  •   Trainings depend upon the needs. E.g. Applying for a job, A to Z process
  •   Training on how to use the Computer or Software Programs
  •   Experiencing New Activities and Emotions
  •   Simulating and Developing Situations from the real life

In addition, YEHS We Care offers a wide range of support services to Learning Disabilities patients’ families.


Support with Neurological disorders YEHS We Care provides specialised domiciliary care services to those with Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Multisystem Atrophy, Motor Neurone Disease, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), Epilepsy and other related neurological disorders.


Prior to our support, we will evaluate the stage, background and progressiveness of the disease in order to propose the best suitable support for you. However, the most important, we will listen to your needs and aims and make the best possible in our assistance.


We recognise that neurological conditions often affect patients during their working lives and consequently have a large impact on the family’s

social and economic well-being. We understand as well the stigma associated with neurological diseases and disabilities, and how these may differ in different communities and cultures.


Our domiciliary care service in this situation is varied, depending upon the type, stage, background and personal preferences. For example, we provide support in terms of:

·         health education and accident prevention advice for people with epilepsy and other chronic neurological disorders

·         avoidance of triggers and prophylaxis for migraine


Support with a Brain Injury YEHS We Care will also provide support to Customers with Brain Injury. Care will be aimed at providing support and care during the process of rehabilitation at home. The end goal of the service is to ensure that through the high quality care and support programme we provide, our Customers will acquire the skills, knowledge and capability to make their life joyful, active and independent.


Our trained and experienced Carers have techniques and methodologies specially developed to care for people with Brain Injury. These include, emotional and personal-development activities, with involvement and interaction between the professional Carers and relatives and friends of Customers to achieve the best possible results.


The services we offer will vary depending upon each individual’s conditions and background of Brain Injury. Below are some indications of the services:


·         Assistance with a rehabilitation process

·         Personal Day-to-day Care

·         Relearning essential skills

·         Developing new hobbies

·         Support of specialists, such as a psychotherapist

·         Sessions on communication skills

·         Developing interest in the outside world and adaptation to the life in the community

·         Assistance with personal development activities, enabling to achieve long-term goals



To conclude, the nature of YEHS We Care service is domiciliary care or care at Customers home. Our highly qualified and specially selected Carers will be happy to assist individuals and their families who go through difficulties caused by health conditions of their beloved. Although support is orientated to domiciliary care, in some circumstances YEHS We Care can provide support to the individuals at Hospital, Care or Nursing Homes. Our team will assess each request individually and advice on the best possible solution that can be provided to fulfil the needs of each customer.


  • Service Delivery


Safety of Carers and Customers is very important for YEHS We Care. To mitigate possible risks, prior to commencement of service YEHS We Care will undertake a health and safety assessment of the Customer’s home in order to identify any specific hazards which may be present, and which may present a risk to the health, safety or welfare of YEHS We Care staff. Where hazards are identified then a risk assessment will be completed and where necessary, advice given as to correction and maintenance. YEHS We Care will not permit staff to engage in any activity where a significant hazard is present, and the risk has not been eliminated or reduced to an acceptable level. In some instances this may require service to be withheld or suspended.


  • Whom We Serve


YEHS We Care specialises in delivering a wide range of home care services for all age groups across England. Service packages start from simple assistance around the house and personal care to more complex and specialized support.


  • Our customers range from:


  • Elderly people to
  • Young people with health problems
  • People with physical disabilities
  • Those with learning and communication disabilities
  • Individuals who suffer from diabetes complications
  • Individuals who suffer from dementia and related conditions
  • Individuals who have suffered a brain injury
  • Young and elderly people with mental health conditions
  • Individuals who due to some circumstances need support to stay active
  • Individuals with needs for companionship or support
  • People with needs of Convalescence and Post-operative Care
  • Individuals and their families who seek short or long term home care assistance
  • People who need assistance in rehabilitation process


  • Footprint of YEHS We Care Service


The initial geographical focus of YEHS We Care service is Greater London, the M25 area and selected counties. However, bearing in mind that request is assessed individually, we may provide the home care in other counties of England. The decision will depend upon type of requested service and availability of our Carers in that region.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information regarding the availability of the service in your area or our expansion plans.

  1. YEHS We Care Step-by-step Engagement Process


  1. Customer gets in touch with YEHS. Our friendly team is happy to receive any enquiry from Customers via phone, email or in person. The contact details are indicated in this Guide.


  1. We will arrange consultation in person or via phone at Customer’s convenience. Our flexible advisory team understands the problems/difficulties our Customers face and are always ready to arranget consultation at a time and place convenient to the Customer.


  1. Customers are encouraged to share with us their concerns, needs and wants. During consultation, we offer an honest no obligation chat about the nature, background and stage of disability. Our experts carefully assess the Customer’s difficulties and requested support, bearing in mind that confidentiality and providing the best suitable service are very important.


  1. There are different options available at YEHS We Care. During consultation, we also ask about duration, location and time of the day when assistance is needed.


  1. After consultation, we will suggest a suitable service package to suit the Customer’s needs and select a specially trained Carer for him/her. Our Customers will always have the opportunity to ask questions regarding Service packages. We also recognise how important it is to know who is going to be the Carer. Upon request, we will provide all necessary details, such as criminal records check and qualifications details of the selected Carer to the Customer. We will always bear in mind the possible risks to ensure best measures are taken to protect both the Customer and Carer.


  1. After an offer has been made we welcome feedback, suggestions and questions from Customers. We would like to ensure that the Customer or person acting on his/her behalf is fully aware of the procedures and the purpose of our support.


  1. Once the terms and conditions of the care are explained and agreed, contract will be signed with the Customer or his/herrepresentative. The contract sets out the obligations and responsibilities of both parties. On the one hand, we request that our staff are treated fairly and not abused; on the other hand, we will do our utmost to ensure that Customer’s needs and wants are met with high quality care standards. Our Care services will provide the support that was requested, while respecting the Customer’s privacy and dignity.


  1. We will continuously monitor the procedures and progress of the service. Our supervisors will visit the Customer at his/her home, keep track of the daily reports and ensure all the personal records are accurate and kept safely.


  1. Each Customer will have an opportunity to talk to us and share his/her observations and suggestions. Depending upon individual health performance and personal interests we can always add or remove some of the activities/services from the selected domiciliary care programme.


  1. An easy and efficient complaints procedure is available. The provision of high quality care services and our customers are priorities for us. When Customers or their representatives have concerns or are dissatisfied with the services provided by YEHS We Care, we encourage them to use our Complaints system. Senior management will discuss and attend to all complaints submitted. However based on experience, we always advise the Customer to have preliminary discussions with the Carer concerned and the local Manager regarding any problems before submitting an official complaint.


  1. How do we Assure Quality of Service


In this guide, we refer to the high quality care service provided by YEHS We Care. We believe that the only way to continuously improve quality of services is to interact with Customers, their representatives, our team members, field professionals and the Community. Feedback from all the connected parties is collected and analysed every quarter by a dedicated division and the senior management. We welcome new technologies and expertise in order to help our Carers in their duties and improve quality of offered services.


  • Supervisor Feedback

Each Carer has a dedicated Supervisor or Manager. The quarterly Supervisor’s visits and assessments allows us to ensure that a Carer’s performance is continuously monitored and that the Customer’s expectations are met.. Apart from this, the final supervisory report will be concluded at the end of the 12-month service or at the end of the contract, where a Carer’s support and services provided will be analysed in relation to the Customer’s care, expectations and whether their needs were met. However, evaluation and required adjustments to the Care can be done before that if the Customer or his /her representative or current conditions require this. Our Supervisory and Management team understands changing needs of Customers and will do its best to give the highest quality of support.


  • Feedback and Surveys

As was mentioned above YEHS We Care is regulated by the CQC in UK. YEHS We Care quality assurance process consists of two parts. Firstly, every six months we run a survey on service satisfaction to obtain feedback from our Customers or their representatives. Secondly, at least once a year, YEHS We Care organises an internal survey, where Carers and other staff share their opinions in order to evaluate current services and analyse what else shall be done to improve our domiciliary Care procedures for both Customers and Carers. According to the Standard 27 of the National Minimum Standards, we will (1) publish the outcome of the quality assurance process, (2) circulate to all Our Customers or their representatives, Carers and Stakeholders of YEHS We Care and (3) ensure that the data is available to Care Quality Commission Inspection (CQC).


  • In-house Training

YEHS We Care together with its affiliates and partners have established YEHS Academy, which has developed a package of specialised courses and training programmes for Carers to cater to the customers’ needs,. Prior to becoming a member of our team, each individual undergo a thorough intensive induction programme as well as ongoing courses for improving their qualifications. Experience and diligence are the foremost criteria for YEHS Carers.


  • Cooperation with Field Professionals

In the conduct of our business, we adhere to high standards of quality, responsibilities and corporate governance, which are based on CQC guidance and UKHCA. In addition, we guarantee that each member of YEHS staff undergo thorough in-depth qualifications, pre-employment, criminal records and health checks.


As a registered Domiciliary Care Provider, the company is subject to regular inspections by CQC; a copy of the latest inspection report can be obtained upon request by contacting YEHS We Care team or can be viewed on CQC’s website, as well as on the company’s website


  • Ease of Communication

YEHS We Care contact details can be found on the company website. In addition, each Customer receives a Welcome Pack where all the contact details of Senior Management, Supervisory Team, Carer(s) and Complaints Department are provided.

Through an incorporated answering system, we are able to receive all incoming messages, including those left during busy hours or after office hours. YEHS We Care uses advanced techniques to operate an emergency support desk 24 hours, 7 days a week to ensure that full and efficient assistance is available to both Customers and Carers. We encourage the use of this service should the need arise to share or discuss concerns with senior members during after office hours and where Customers are not comfortable with leaving messages on the answering machine.

More information about the office hours and automatic answering procedure can be found in Section X of this Guide.

  1. Standard Terms and Condition of Supply of Service




These are the main terms and conditions under which YEHS We Care Ltd (hereinafter called “YEHS” or the Company) engages with its Customers or their Representatives to provide Domiciliary Care services.


We insist that our Customers read these terms and conditions carefully as well as seek clarification from an authorized member of YEHS team should there be any questions. To ensure that a Customer has read, understood and agreed to these terms and conditions, we ask them to sign two copies of this. The Customer or his/her representative should keep one signed copy and return the other to YEHS for our records. Purchasers and users of the service will be deemed to have accepted these terms by accepting care service from YEHS.


  1. Supply of Care Service


  • YEHS is a registered domiciliary care provider in UK. YEHS agrees to provide the type of domiciliary care services that are specified in the Customer Care Plan and the Customer or his/her representative agrees to receive and pay for such services. The Customer Care Plan can be modified from time to time based upon mutual written agreements between the Customer/representative and YEHS. It is acknowledged that, from time to time YEHS may deviate from the Customer Care Plan in some circumstances where it is necessary and caused by Customer Conditions. YEHS does not take any responsibility for its failure to supply the services specified within the Customer Care Plan when this failure was caused by the Customer’s action to a non-acceptable level, such as refusal to cooperate or allowing YEHS to provide the services.
  • Before providing services we will discuss with the Customer (and others, with his/her permission, who are connected with the care process) regarding his/her precise care needs. The Customer will be asked to provide information which may be relevant to the preparation of the Personal Care Plan (and its subsequent review), including, but not limited to, for example, Customer likes and preferences, dislikes, allergies, physical and mental conditions, aspirations in respect of his/her care etc. Following these discussions (which will usually take place at the Customer’s home) YEHS will draw up a Customer Care Plan and present this to the Customer together with an assessment of the costs involved in providing care in accordance with the plan.


  1. Customer Payment Policy


  • YEHS fees are calculated based upon the level of Care Plan, type of services provided and customer location. YEHS has defined its core operating market into band A – London, band B – Major cities in the UK, and band C – Towns. The Fees Schedule is agreed and attached to the Customer Care Contract with YEHS.


  • On the contract terms, YEHS will provide a detailed invoice to each Customer. The invoice should be paid within seven days from the date of the invoice. None payment of the invoice may affect the ability of the company to pay Carers’ wages and, therefore, leading to suspension of the services provided by YEHS to the Customer. All fees must be paid to YEHS directly via bank transfer or by cheque.


  • YEHS is responsible for the payment of Fees to Carers, including relevant deductions of tax and national insurance contributions as required by law.


  • Based on market practice, YEHS reserves the right to review the Fees from time to time. The Company will give a minimum of fourteen days’ written notice to the Customer in the event of change in the Fees payable. Notice will be given if changes have been initiated by YEHS, but not when they were agreed with or requested by the Customer/ Representative through modifying the Customer Care Plan. The Change in the Fees payable shall not apply when the Customer wish to exercises his/her right to terminate the Care agreement with YEHS after the notice.


  • Fees for Services provided during public holidays will be charged at a different rate according to the market practice. Services during Christmas and New Year’s Eve from 6:00pm the evening before the holiday will be charged at twice the standard rate as agreed in the Contract. All other public holidays shall be accounted as twice the applicable rate for the day.


  • VAT at standard rate maybe charged where instructed to do so by HMRC.


  • All payments must be received by YEHS within 20 calendar days of the date of invoice. Any payments received after said date will be deemed late and subject to a late fee equal to 1.5 percent per month of the outstanding unpaid amount. The customer is also responsible for all attorneys’ fees, court costs, and related expenses incurred in the event payment is not made in a timely manner, and proceedings are brought by YEHS to collect sums owed.


  • To avoid complications with outstanding invoices proceedings, YEHS reserves the right to request 1 month Deposit for estimated Fees. By paying the Deposit, the Customer/Representative guarantees the future payments for services received from YEHS, as detailed in the Invoice and the Care Plan.


  • Customer expenses in connection to the some types of services, such as overnight support or living-in will not be deducted from the YEHS Fees and shall be borne by the Customer. In relation to this, Customer/Representative at their own expense shall ensure that accommodation and living conditions provided for YEHS Carers are reasonable, includes all essential facilities and suitable for performing Care duties.


  1. Personnel


  • YEHS reserves the right to second different highly qualified personnel for supplying the Care Plan services. YEHS cannot guarantee that the same Carer will be suitable to support the Customer throughout the Care period, as Customer needs may change as well as assigned Carer may go on holiday or participate in training from time to time. However, YEHS will ensure that the alternative Carer selected will meet Customer needs and will be briefed about Customer’s background to avoid any stress or inconvenience to the Customer.


  • In the event that the Customer/Representative chooses to appoint YEHS Carer or any other Care worker introduced to them by YEHS (within the previous 12 months) as a direct employee or a self-employed individual, YEHS shall raise an invoice to the value of four weeks of the Customer Care Plan as an additional Fee. In such circumstances, the Customer shall be liable to pay the additional Fee to cover the cost of recruitment and training of the Care worker.


  • YEHS always respects its staff and is legally responsible for their well being. At the same time Customer Care is a priority for the company. Any abuse or discrimination of YEHS staff or its Customers, such as in connection to cultural background, language, physical or mental disability, gender, age, sexuality, religion, beliefs and views will not be accepted or tolerated by YEHS.



  1. Termination or Cancellation of Services Provided


  • Cancellation of visit. The Customer Care Plan will specify the terms of services provided. In the event that the proper notice of cancellation has not been given, YEHS reserves the right to charge the full amount for the agreed services.


  • If Customer wishes to terminate or rearrange a single visit, 48 hours written notice prior to the time of visit shall be provided to YEHS.
  • For regular Care Plan scheduled visits, the notice of cancellation or changes shall be given within 7 days prior to requested changes.
  • YEHS may exercise the right to cancel the visit by giving 24 hours written notice, when (1) the Customer refuses to cooperate to a reasonable level thereby impeding the supply of the agreed services; (2) the Care worker has been abused by the Customer or connected party to the Customer (3) the conditions of the premises are not satisfactory for performing safe Care duties and put our worker or the Customer at risk; (4) the payment for the service has been outstanding for more than 35 days. Such issues shall be discussed and resolved for YEHS to continue its service according to the Customer Care Plan, please also see clause 6.1.


  • Notice period for the termination of the Customer Care Plan services is 28 calendar days, unless otherwise agreed to in the Contract/Care Plan of the Customer. If such notice is not given, an invoice will be issued and payable based on services provided agreed to in the Customer Care Plan for the relevant period prior to the termination notice.


  1. Insurance


  • YEHS is legally required to have employee’s liability insurance for its Carers and public liability insurance for the company. However, such insurance does not include insurance for Customers home, vehicles and valuables. Customers are strongly advised that they obtain appropriate insurance if they feel need for it.


  • YEHS, nor its Carers do not accept responsibility for damage to:
    • The fabric, fixtures and other fittings of Customer’s home
    • The Vehicle and passengers, when the Carer has been asked and approved to drive it on the Customer/Representative’s behalf.
    • The Customer’s Valuables


  • YEHS may accept responsibility if any of the above claims are justified and supported by evidence.


  • The Customer or person acting on their behalf will be responsible for obtaining insurance policy that they think shall be reasonable to cover their circumstances, as well as for the procedure of making a claim for reimbursement that may occur.

Before beginning to provide services we will inspect relevant parts of your home to see if there are any dangers which may present a risk to the health, safety or welfare of our staff.

  1. Risk assessment


  • YEHS reserves the right to undertake a risk assessment in the Customer’s home or premises where the agreed services will be supplied in order to evaluate the working environment and its safety for both Customer and Carer. YEHS will discuss the results of the assessments and issues (if any) with the Customer or person acting on their behalf if appropriate. In the event, the issues cannot be resolved and action to prevent possible risks for the party or parties in such environment cannot be agreed, YEHS reserves the right to decline supply of services to the Customer.
  • If we observe something which is (or might be) dangerous then we will assess the risk and where necessary, advise a Customer what action(s) we think he/she should take, or require to take.
  • Customers are obligated to provide a safe environment for our Care Workers and the necessary, appropriate equipment for them to carry out the service. These obligations include:


  1. maintaining a generally clean and safe home free of risks and hazards;
  2. maintaining a safe route of access to and from Customer home;
  3. providing any equipment that is required to deliver Customer care such as lifting and transfer aids, wheelchairs and other mobility aids;
  4. providing all domestic cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaners, mops, irons etc;
  5. maintaining an adequate supply of cleaning aids, detergents etc;
  6. informing us of any communicable diseases in the household; and
  7. ensuring that any necessary equipment supplied by you, or someone else (a third party), is regularly maintained and inspected in accordance with all relevant safety requirements.


  • We will review the health and safety assessment every year, or whenever an accident or an untoward incident (such as a “near miss”) takes place. The Customer Care Plan will be reviewed either in line with a timetable agreed between us and the Customer at the beginning, or upon Customer’s reasonable request, or when circumstances change, or when we consider it appropriate or desirable.


  1. General


  • YEHS shall not be considered to be in breach of its duties to supply agreed services under Customer Care Plan when an Event of Force Majeure prevents or interferes with the performance of its obligations.


  • YEHS will use its best efforts to continue to perform such duties; however when the situation is beyond the company’s control, the service shall be suspended until the disruption is resolved.
  • Force Majeure events generally can be divided into two basic groups: natural events, such as earthquakes, floods, fire, plague, Acts of God, other natural disasters, and political events, such as strikes, lock outs or other industrial disputes, terrorism, riots or civil disturbances; war, whether declared or not, other connected events.
  • YEHS does not take responsibility for any damage or loss caused by Force Majeure events.


  • CQC and other professional bodies may inspect YEHS as a regulated domiciliary care provider. For monitoring and compliance purposes only, YEHS will share appropriate or relevant information about customers with those professional bodies.


  • YEHS cannot disclose Customer Records and other collected Information in regards to Customer’s personal relationships with any third party, such as Customer’s doctors, GPs, family members. Therefore, YEHS asks the Customer or their representative to specify and authorise by providing a list of individuals or organisations to who YEHS may release information connected to YEHS Care Service. YEHS does not take responsibility when due to the lack of autorisation it is unable to help or communicate with the relevant professionals or family members.


  • No variation of this Term and Conditions shall be effective or binding unless it is in writing and executed by or on behalf of YEHS.


  • Accepted and agreed to this …… day of …………………….. 201_ By


Duly authorised for and on behalf of YEHS We Care Ltd


Duly authorised for and on behalf of YEHS Customer
Print Full Name



Print Job Title




Print Full Name of Representative:




Print relation to the Customer





Print Full Name:








  1. Selected Information from YEHS We Care Policies


YEHS We Care once again emphasises that domiciliary care services are very much tailored to specific needs and conditions of the individual and detailed in the Customer Care Plan together with the required procedure to supply such services. However, for the purpose of introduction and to brief YEHS Customers with important clauses in YEHS Policies and Procedures, below is a concise summary that shall be read carefully. We encourage our Customers and their Representatives to contact YEHS We Care for any enquiries a well as for the full text of any of YEHS Policies.

  • Assessment of Care Needs and Requirements – The Customer Care Plan

Before providing services, YEHS We Care will discuss with the Customer (and others, with his/her permission, who are connected with a care process) regarding their precise care needs. The customer will be asked for information which may be relevant to the preparation of the Personal Customer Care Plan (and its subsequent review), including, but not limited to, for example, Customer’s likes and preferences, dislikes, allergies, physical and mental conditions, aspirations in respect of his/her care etc. Following these discussions (which will usually take place in Customer’s home) YEHS will draw up a Customer Care Plan and present this to the Customer together with an accurate assessment of the costs involved in providing care in accordance with the plan.


8.2   Risk assessment

YEHS reserves the right to undertake a risk assessment in the Customer’s home or premises where the agreed services will be supplied in order to evaluate the working environment and its safety for both the Customer and Carer. YEHS will discuss results of the assessments and related issues (if any) with the Customer or person acting on their behalf where appropriate. In the event the issues cannot be resolved and action to prevent possible risks for the party/parties in such environment cannot be agreed, YEHS reserves the right to decline supply of any services to the Customer in such environment.

If we see something which is (or might be) dangerous then we will assess the risk and where necessary, advise a Customer what action we think he/she should take, or require to take.

Customers accept obligations to provide a safe environment for our Care Workers and the necessary and appropriate equipment for them to carry out the service. These obligations include:

  • maintaining a generally clean and safe home, free of risks and hazards;
  • maintaining a safe route of access to and from Customer’s home;
  • providing any equipment that is required to deliver Customer care such as lifting and transfer aids, wheelchairs and other mobility aids;
  • providing all domestic cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaners, mops, irons etc;
  • maintaining an adequate supply of cleaning aids, detergents etc;
  • informing us of any communicable diseases in the household; and
  • ensuring that any necessary equipment supplied by you, or someone else (a third party), is regularly maintained and inspected in accordance with all relevant safety requirements and regulations.

We will review the health and safety assessment every year, or whenever an accident or an untoward incident (such as a “near miss”) takes place. The Customer Care Plan will be reviewed either in line with a timetable agreed between us and the Customer at the beginning, or upon Customer’s reasonable request, or when circumstances change, or when we consider it appropriate or desirable.


  • Recruitment of Care Workers and the Protection of Clients

YEHS We Care exercises reasonable judgement, care and skill at all times and undertakes rigorous recruitment processes for Care Workers. These processes include a personal interview, taking references and checks with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). The DBS checks provide additional confirmation that the Care Worker who might be working for you is not on, for example, any of the lists of workers who are not permitted to work with vulnerable adults.


  • Training and Competence of Care Workers

YEHS We Care Care Workers are trained in relation to the responsibilities which are assigned to them and are assessed by us for competency. All Care Workers employed by us are required to follow our policies and procedures which are designed to ensure the provision of the highest quality of service to Customers.


  • No Smoking Policy

We understand that second hand smoke is a known and accepted health hazard and increases risks for both Carers and Customers. In provisions made under the Health Act 2006, smoking is not allowed in any enclosed workplace, public building or on public transport in the UK. As a consequence of these legal requirements and health damages YEHS We Care  has taken measures to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of all staff and Customers. YEHS We Care has adopted a no smoking policy into its business conduct. YEHS Carers are forbidden to smoke in the presence of Customers or in their premises and Customers are asked not to smoke in the presence of the YEHS’s Care Workers.


  • Safeguarding


YEHS We Care will, through formal and informal procedures, monitor the care of all Customers on a regular and non-discriminatory basis so as to ensure that individual care plans are implemented, maintained and updated and that care is delivered safely and to appropriate and laid down standards.


YEHS We Care is legally responsible for its Carers and will not tolerate abuse or neglect in any form (either of Customers, employees or anyone connected with the company) and where abuse is suspected, or witnessed, then immediate action will be taken, as outlined in the YEHS Safeguarding procedure.


For the purposes of  abuse indication it is defined as: “A single or repeated act or lack of appropriate action occurring within any relationship where there is an expectation of trust, which causes harm or distress. Abuse may be in connection, but not limited to  cultural background, language, gender, disability, age, sexuality, religion or beliefs.”


  • Intimate Care

The services provided by YEHS We Care relates to the care and welfare of its Customers and this extends, inevitably, to the provision of intimate care, which may be defined as:


“The care tasks associated with bodily functions, body products and personal hygiene which demand direct or indirect contact with or exposure of the sexual parts of the body”.


It is the YEHS’s policy to undertake such tasks in a discreet, dignified, caring and sensitive manner reflecting where possible, the needs, preferences and wishes of the Customer and delivered in a manner which always respects the Customer’s privacy and dignity. YEHS We Care believes that intimate care should never be delivered when the Customer is willing, able and requests to undertake the task independently. YEHS We Care ensures that all Customers will be treated with respect and dignity and be offered intimate care services that are appropriate to their age, their social and cultural norms, and reflecting their individuality, needs and preferences.


  • Administration of Medicines

Prescribed medicines (as well as dressings, appliances etc) are the property of the Customer and in order to promote independence, YEHS Carers encourage Customers to self-administer their own medicines whenever this is possible, and it is safe to do so.


Where self-administration has been agreed, and recorded in the Customer’s Personal Care Plan, then YEHS We Care, and it’s care workers will undertake to maintain a watchful eye on the situation, and in an unobtrusive way, ensure that medicines are being taken. Care workers are instructed to report any concerns (such as apparent failures, sudden shortages) to their Manager. Although self-administration is encouraged, it may not be appropriate in every case, and YEHS We  Care will assess the risks associated with self-administration of medicines for each Customer. Partial self-administration may be possible in certain situations, particularly, for example, where the Customer has full mental powers, but may have some physical problems (such as difficulty opening containers) where assistance needs to be given.


The decision about the responsibility for the administration of medicines will form part of the assessment process, and the tasks agreed to be undertaken by YEHS We Care will be integrated into the Customer’s Personal Care Plan, which will be reviewed regularly, as the Customer’s level of competence may change over time. Where the Customer wishes to self-administer but the assessment questions whether self-administration is appropriate, then the agreement of the doctor responsible for patient care must be obtained.


  • Confidentiality

All Customers will be provided with the statement on confidentiality. This statement outlines the obligations placed upon YEHS We Care to safeguard confidential information; describes the circumstances whereby YEHS We Care may disclose confidential information, together with the circumstances where express consent is required, and finally the Customer’s right to object to any disclosure. YEHS’s staff are also given a copy of this statement. Any failure to observe the principles outlined will lead to disciplinary action which, in more serious or repeated cases, may lead to the employee’s dismissal.


  • Entering Premises

Prior to entering the premises of a Customer, YEHS We Care workers will knock, speak through the door and wait for permission to enter while also showing their ID Card with YEHS We Care logo on it. Please, contact YEHS We Care immediately in case the individual claiming to be YEHS employee for any reason refuses to show the detailed ID card.

Entry without permission is only acceptable in a clear emergency situation, where there are concerns regarding the safety of the Customer, or where this has been approved in advance, and is incorporated into the Customer’s Personal Care Plan.


Where the Customer is deaf, or otherwise incapable of indicating their willingness to, and acceptance of, the care worker’s entry, then some other approach must be agreed and adopted at the time the service begins.


  • Gifts, Wills and Bequests

It is not uncommon for a Customer, or someone closely connected to the Customer, to offer some gift as a mark of appreciation for the high quality of care they have routinely received from YEHS We Care or its Carers. At the same time, the taking of gifts or acceptance of substantial favours by employees from, for example, Customers, or their relatives can give rise to embarrassing situations and may be seen as an improper inducement to give some concession in return to the donor. Therefore, any employee who breaches this fundamental principle will be subject to disciplinary action which will, almost certainly, lead to summary dismissal. Forbidden areas shall include Wills and other documents in connection to YEHS Carers.


Instead, to avoid misunderstandings, YEHS We Care encourages Customers to speak to YEHS Manager or Carer Supervisor and leave comments and feedback about the Carer you want to show appreciation to and YEHS We Care will do its best to reward such Carer in its own way.



  • Handling Customer’s Money and Property

YEHS We Care aims to promote and maintain the independence of its Customers in all aspects relating to the care and services they receive and believes that control of money matters is a key element of independence.


Customers are therefore actively encouraged to take control of all aspects of their financial affairs, thus avoiding over-dependence on others, even in minor ways. There will be instances, however, when support is needed, and given, and it is in these situations in particular where simple good practices need to be implemented by both YEHS We Care and the Customer and these good practices are observed, so as to promote trust and avoid disputes, misunderstanding or suspicion.


To avoid any misunderstandings, Customers or people acting on their behalf shall evidence in writing if they require YEHS Carers to keep keys to the Customer’s Property in order to allow supply of services only.



  • Complaints Policy


YEHS We Care aims to provide the best domiciliary care service to its Customers. However, the company understands that occasionally things may go wrong, and the Customers may wish to share their concerns and want this to be officially recorded through a formal procedure. In order to make sure that a Customer complaint is promptly and fully resolved, YEHS We Care explains the step-by-step Customers complaints procedure in this Policy.

  1. Customer Right to Complain

YEHS We Care Customers guarantees to have Customer complaint dealt with efficiently, and be properly investigated. All contact details are provided at the end of this Policy document. YEHS We Care will inform Customers about the outcome of any investigation into the complaint.

If YEHS We Care fails to deal with a Customer complaint in the appropriate manner or to take actions to resolve it, the company understands that the Customer may wish to complain to the regulator as the final step. The necessary contact details of the Care Quality Commission (CQC), YEHS We Care regulator, are provided in this Guide or available at

  1. How to Construct a Complaint

First thing to consider is that not all issues will lead to a formal complaint. Sometimes it is enough to give feedback or leave a comment. YEHS We Care understands that a feedback will help improve the quality of the provided services and welcome any suggestions and questions.

When a complaint or issue cannot be resolved informally then a formal complaint shall be made. YEHS We Care recommends Customers to  restrict the complaint and to consider what is the purpose of it, in other words, what Customers expect to achieve after the complaint. The aim of the complaint may be to demand an apology, or request for actions to be taken against a Carer or reporting about unsatisfactory Care Plan. In order to start an investigation and take appropriate measures YEHS We Care or any other professional body must be clear about the complaint, actions to be taken and what the Customer is seeking.

It is very important to keep track of relevant events, dates, times, names, conversations and to include all necessary details into the complaint. Such notes will be helpful for YEHS We Care investigation as well as for the Customer during the information verification process at a later stage. Whether a Customer decides to complain verbally or in writing, it is imperative details and explanations are clearly given and recorded, focusing on the main issues.

For complaints via post, Customers are advised to keep a copy of all documents posted and evidence when it was sent. Complaints via phone or email may be dealt with more promptly. Records will be kept of verbal complaints and YEHS aim to respond to Customer complaints within 48 hours. YEHS We Care will provide Customer with a written statement concerning further internal investigation or any action that may be taken by YEHS based upon Customer’s request.

  1. Whom to Complain and What is the Timeframe

The first step is to notify the complaint to the Carer or Care Provider. YEHS We Care has adopted a two stage Procedure as explained below.

Step 1. As was mentioned earlier not all concerns lead to a formal complaint. At YEHS We Care we recognise how it is important for our Customers and their representatives to ensure that their needs and wishes are met in the way and time they want. In order to speed up the process and avoid misunderstandings we encourage our Customers or individuals acting on their behalf to share their concerns with assigned Carer or his/her supervisor. Sometimes it is enough to give a feedback or leave a comment and the needed actions will be taken faster and without going through the procedure of a formal complaint.

When a Customer thinks issues cannot be resolved informally, then we advise them to make a formal complaint to the YEHS Registered Manager, who then can start internal investigation based upon the details provided from the Customer.

Timeframe: Within 48 hours after leaving an official complaint, a written reply will be sent to the Customer, detailing the period and initial details for the review. Time of the investigation will depend upon the complexity of the complaint however this should not take more than 7 working days. The Customer will be informed about the outcome of the investigation and the action that was taken to rectify the complaint.


Step 2. If after Step 1 of the Complaints Procedure, the Customer still feels that the Manager has not solved his /her issue in the satisfactory manner, YEHS We Care recommends contacting Dr Charlie Easmon and explaining the concern and what has been done to date. Dr Easmon, who is Operational Director of YEHS We Care, will acknowledge recipe of the Complaint within 24 hours and explain the procedure of further investigation and action to be taken to promptly resolve the issue.


Step 3. External Complaint

If the issue cannot be resolved satisfactorily within a reasonable time, then the  Customer should contact the Commission for Social Care and Inspection (CQC). YEHS We Care will cooperate fully with CQC to resolve the issue(s) as quickly as possible. The Commission may take a different approach to the investigation and advise the possible action(s) to resolve the complaint or way to move forward.

YEHS We Care will appreciate comments and feedback from Customers in order to improve its Complaints Procedures and Policies and will always do its best to resolve issues or complaints promptly, fully and in-house.


Contact Details for Complaints

Step 1. Internal Complaint Step 2. Internal Complaint Step 3. External Complaint




Dr Charlie Easmon MBBS MRCP MSc Public Health DTM&H DOccMed

Operational Director of YEHS We Care


Tel: 0203 303 3179


Customers are encouraged to inform YEHS We Care while contacting Care Quality Commission

National Correspondence



Newcastle upon Tyne


Tel: 03000 616 161




  • Contact Details Customer in Care should Know :


Local Health Authority

Depend upon Customer Location



Greater London Authority

City Hall

The Queen’s Walk

London SE1 2AA

020 7983 4000




General Social Care Council (GSCC)

Goldings House

2 Hay’s Lane

London SE1 2HB

General Enq.l: 020 7397 5100


Care Quality Commission (CQC)

National Correspondence



Newcastle upon Tyne


Tel: 03000 616 161



United Kingdom Home Care Association (UKHCA)

UKHCA Office

42b Banstead Road

Carshalton Beeches

Surrey SM5 3NW

Tel: 020 8288 1551


  • YEHS We Care Procedure of Getting in Touch


YEHS We Care office hours:


7 am – 5 pm form Monday to Friday


However our Customer will be able to get in touch with YEHS 24 hour – 7 days a week through the YEHS support desk that provide service 365 days a year should the need arise.


Support Desk has two levels:


  1. Automatic Answering machine, where we encourage Customers to leave a general enquiry without any confidential details and a member of our team will get in touch with the Customer as soon as possible for more details or with an appropriate advice.
  2. An emergency desk gives our Customers opportunity to talk to one of our representatives during after office or busy hours in case there is an emergency and there is a need to contact us.


IMPORTANT. YEHS is always ready to assist Customers in connection to the services provided. However, if there is an emergency in regards to the customer’s health or there is a need for emergency medical services, the number to dial is 999.