Complaints Policy

YEHS aims to provide the best domiciliary care service to its Customers. However, the company understands that occasionally things may go wrong, and you may wish to share your concerns and want this to be officially recorded through a formal procedure. In order to make sure that a Customer complaint is promptly and fully resolved, YEHS We Care explains the step-by-step Customers complaints procedure in this Policy.

  1. Customer Right to Complain

YEHS We Care Customers guarantees to have Customer complaint dealt with efficiently, and be properly investigated. All the internal contact details are provided in the end of this Policy. YEHS We Care will inform Customer about the outcome of any investigation into the complaint.

If YEHS We Care fails to deal with the Customer complaint in the appropriate manner or to take actions to resolve it, the company understands that the Customer may wish to complain to the regulator as the final step. The necessary contact details of the Care Quality Commission (CQC), YEHS We Care regulator, are provided in this Guide or available at

  1. How to Construct a Complaint

First thing to consider is that not all issues shall lead to a formal complaint. Sometimes it is enough to give feedback or leave a comment. YEHS We Care understands that a feedback will help improve the quality of the provided services and welcomes any suggestions and questions.

When a Customer feels like arisen issues cannot be solved informally then a formal complaint shall be made. YEHS We Care recommends Customers while constricting the complaint to consider what is the purpose of it, in other words, what Customers expect to happen after the complaint. The aim of the complaint may be demand of an apology, or request for taking actions against a Carer, or reporting about unsatisfactory Care Plan. In order to start investigation and take appropriate measurements, YEHS or any other professional body shall be clear about the action what Customer is seeking.

It is very important to keep track of relevant events, dates, times, names, conversations and to include all necessary details into the complaint. Such notes will be helpful for YEHS investigation as well as for the Customer during the information verification process at a later stage. Whether a Customer decides to complain orally or in writing, it is advised to make the explanations as clear as possible, focusing on the main issues.

For complaints via post, YEHS advises to keep a copy of everything what was posted and when it was sent. Complaints via phone or email may be more prompt due to saved time on postage. While conversation, YEHS will write notes about Customer complaint and within 24 hours will provide Customer with the writing statement concerning further internal investigation or any action that may be taken immediately by YEHS based upon Customer request.

  1. Whom to Complain and What is the Timeframe

It is commonly known that the first thing to do is complain to the Care or Care Provider. In this regards YEHS We Care has adopted two stage Procedure as explained below.

Step 1. As was mentioned earlier not all concerns lead to a formal complaint. At YEHS We Care we recognise how is it important for our Customers and their representatives to ensure that their needs and wishes are met at the way and time they want. In order to speed up the process and avoid misunderstandings we encourage our Customers or individuals acting on their behalf to share their concerns with assigned Carer or his/her supervisor. Sometimes it is enough to give a feedback or leave a comment and the needed actions will be taken faster and without going through a procedure of a formal complaint.

When a Customer feels like arisen issues cannot be solved informally then we advise to make a formal complaint to the YEHS Registered Manager, who then can start internal investigation based upon the details provided from the Customer.

Timeframe: Within 24 hours after leaving an official complaint, written reply will be sent to the Customer, detailing the period and initial details for the review. Time of the investigation will depend upon the complexity of the complaint, however usually shall not take more than 7 working days. Customer will be informed about the outcome of the investigation and the action that was taken to satisfy the complaint.


Step 2. If after Step 1 of the Complaints Procedure, the Customer still feels that the Manager has not solved his /her issue in the satisfactory manner, YEHS We Care recommends contacting Dr Charlie Easmon and explaining the concern and what has been done until the date. Dr Charlie, who is Operational Director of YEHS We Care, will acknowledge recipe of the Complaint within 24 hours and explain the procedure of further investigation and action to be taken to promptly resolve the occurred issue.


Step 3. External Complaint

YEHS We Care advises to contact the Commission for Social Care and Inspection (CQC), when after Step 2 of the Complaints Procedure, the Customer still believes that (1) the issue has not been solved to the satisfactory level as well as that (2) the company will not be able to do so within a reasonable time. We encourage informing YEHS We Care about cooperation with CQC. The Commission may take different approach to the investigation and advise the possible action to satisfy the complaint or way to move forward.

YEHS We Care will appreciate comments and a feedback from Customers in order to improve its Complaints Policy and be able to satisfy each occurred issue promptly, fully and in-house.

Contact Details

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