Personal Care

We understand that no one person’s needs are the same, and the level of care needed and required will be different from person to person. We respect your rights, dignity and privacy.

We therefore ensure we fully understand any areas you personally, or a loved one may currently need assistance with, and even identify other areas that help may be beneficial with but didn’t even consider getting help with, to ensure you receive the high level of professional and gentle care needed to. This in return will not only allow you to better use your energy on things that really matter to you, but also help with your wellbeing overall.

With our personal care plans, we are here to help you with:

  • Helping to ensure your morning kicks of to a great start, from assisting you in selecting an outfit for the day and helping you put it on, through to ensuring your teeth are brushed and a breakfast of your choice is prepared and served to you.
  • Providing support where needed with a wash, bath or shower
  • Ensuring any medication due is taken inline with its instructions
  • After a long day when all you want to do is get into your warm bed and sleep, we can help make sure your bed is ready for you, with potentially a warm soothing drink by your bedside or a glass of water, before ensuring all the necessary windows, doors and lights are closed before we leave your home.
  • Giving you the physical stability and support you may require to get into and out of bed, whether it is first thing in the morning or night, or when you simply require a little nap to recharge your energy levels.
  • Helping assist you prepare nutritious meals, or preparing them in full for you, just the way you like it, with the added benefit of knowing if you require additional support with eating or drinking, we are on call to make sure you get that to.
  • Providing assistance with dressing and undressing, from helping you put together an outfit or finding that favourite jumper you think you may have missed placed, through to aid in helping you gently remove your garments before neatly putting them back where you can easily find them for their next outing.
  • Assistance in helping you feel and stay clean and well groomed. From support with bathing or showering through to oral care and moisturising.

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Browsing examples of our Care Plans please do not forget that Your Care Plan will be tailored to your particular needs, budget and circumstances.
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