Medication Assistance Plan

As we get older we can become more vulnerable to picking up certain health implications and as such may be required to take a number of different medications at different times to help maintain our overall well-being. This is also quite common after developing certain heath implications or illnesses.

More often it can be extremely confusing to keep track of what medicine is taken for what in particular, when it needs to be taken, and are there any conditions attached, such as before or after a meal.

We know how difficult it can be to sometimes keep track of all of this, and know sometimes forgetting or misplacing medicine can cause further issues or complications. Our team can therefore provide the full support needed to ensuring this is not an issue. Also helping you organise all your medicines so they are in one easy to find place, and ensure you have the support needed to know when to take certain medicine.

If for some reason your loved ones refuses to take their medicines we can speak to your pharmacist or GP for a form of the medicine that is more acceptable to them. We respect your rights and privacy and we ever give medication to people we care without their consent or try to force them to take it.


Ask for a medicines use review

If you are taking more than one medicine and have a long-term condition, such as arthritis or diabetes, you should be able to get a free medicines use review with your pharmacist. This is a chance to talk to the pharmacist in confidence about any problems you may have with your medicines. Your care can attend the medicines use review with you to make sure you take the correct medicines in the appropriate doses and at the right times.

If you have difficulties in remembering when to take your medicines and at what times your carer will advise pharmacist about it and ask for special packaging for your medication with clear instructions for each day and time of the day.

Remember, it's up to you to decide how much of your health and medicines information is available to your care and to us as a carer provider, and how much we should be involved in you care.

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