Home help Plan:

It’s important to live your life in comfort and how you see fit, after all you deserve it! This is why we are devoted to ensuring with our home and domestic help, we provide the care and help you need, at the pace you want and to the standard you expect, as our aim is to help enhance your current way of life and ensure you truly can get the best out of it.

All-round care in familiar surroundings: home help can remove the burden from a relative without the need for permanent residential care.

Domestic Duties:

To help make sure your home is a clean, comfortable and fresh save haven for you, our team are able to help with an array of domestic duties, which in return can allow you to put your feet up and get stuck into one of your favourite novels, or maybe even catch up on some of your favourite TV series. Our domestic help includes:

  • Ensuring your comforts stay just that, comfortable! From removing old bed sheets and replacing them with fresh clean ones, to ensuring your laundry is washed, dried, ironed just how you like it
  • Helping with your laundry, from washing and drying, through to ironing your garments and making sure they are neatly folded and put away
  • Making sure your carpets are vacuumed and floors mopped and table surfaces are clean
  • Making sure any dirty dishes are washed, and put away for you

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Companionship & Reassurance

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Personal Care

Our Customers are Masters in their own house and our aim is to facilitate that will. Our carefully selected and trained carers will ensure that the Customer’s privacy is not invaded and dignity, culture and believes are respected.

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Medication Assistance Plan

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Healthy Eating

Your health is important, and one factor to help maintain good health is through food. We understand there can be a number of factors that stop you from maintaining a balanced, nutritional diet.

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Browsing examples of our Care Plans please do not forget that Your Care Plan will be tailored to your particular needs, budget and circumstances.
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