Companionship Plan:

We all need someone to rely on whether it is to help with things around the house while we discuss current affairs, or someone we can sit down and have a warm cup of tea or coffee with, along with our favourite tinned biscuits, while reminiscing some of our most treasured memories.

With our companionship plans, our carers can pop over as often or as little as you like, and we are dedicated to ensuring we match you up with a carer that has similar interests to you, that will make tasks like walking the dog or helping with grocery shopping through to going to your local cinema to watch that film you’ve had your eye on, just that extra bit more personal.

We offer a variety of companionship options for you or your loved ones, below are just some of the key areas our companionship programs cover:

Reassurance Plan:

We will always worry about our loved ones and want to make sure they are doing well and have the best possibilities available to them from life, unfortunately sometimes circumstances such as a busy work schedule, or living quite a distance away from a loved one, can sometimes limit the amount of time or interaction we are able, and want to have with them.

This can often lead to you asking yourself questions like did they eat full, nourishing meals today? Did they remember to attend their health checkup? Are they in good health and have not had any accidents in the house or while out and about?

Our reassurance plan does exactly what it says. It’s designed to give you the reassurance that your loved ones are OK so and elevate some of that anxiety and stress associated with not knowing.  As our reassurance plans are designed with you in mind, we ensure the following is provided for you:

We will also ensure one of our friendly carers is on hand to visit your loved one on a weekly basis to not only ensure they are in good health and check if they potentially require assistance with anything around the house, but also relay information back to you as further reassurance.

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Personal Care

Our Customers are Masters in their own house and our aim is to facilitate that will. Our carefully selected and trained carers will ensure that the Customer’s privacy is not invaded and dignity, culture and believes are respected.

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