Support & Reassurance

Whether you personally, or a loved one want to maintain your familiar comfortable surroundings, but are looking for extra security measures, surrounded by others who are similar to you and the ability to have your daily/weekly bills and necessities looked after for you, then our supported living is something definitely worth looking into with us.

We strongly believe as the years go by you deserve to take a back seat, take things easy, be proud of what you have accomplished in life and let someone else willingly help put your needs first!

Our Support & Reassurance service care plans allow you to ensure there is somebody to check on you or your loved ones for continued peace of mind and well-being, also ensure the following support is provided to both our client personally and their home:

  • Regular housekeeping to maintain a fresh, clean and comfortable surrounding
  • Ensuring your laundry is regularly done, so you never need to fret about whether or not you have a clean pair of socks or if your favourite jacket has been washed
  • Pop-in to say hello or provide assistance while your family or regular carer is away
  • Keep your family up to date about you and your health, so that they can be less worried being away
  • Take away the stress of deciding what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as a variety of daily options will be available to you, and a fresh meal brought to you at every meal time
  • Your home is just as much a home on the outside as it is on the inside, and this is why we ensure your exterior is well kept as well, by not just ensuring you have the latest up-to-date insurance in place, but things like your windows remain clean and spotless enough for you to be truly house proud.

We help with many other areas to provide you, your family or/and your home personal support and care when it is needed.

Support & Reassurance Care Plans

Browsing examples below, please do not forget that Your Care Plan will be tailored to

your particular needs, budget and circumstances.

43697788 - senior woman and young carer being friends

Companionship & Reassurance

We all need someone to rely on whether it is to help with things around the house while we discuss current affairs, or someone we can sit down and have a warm cup of tea or coffee with.

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Home Help & Domestic Duties

We are devoted to ensuring with our home and domestic help, we provide the care and help you need, at the pace you want and to the standard you expect.

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26374678 - geriatric nurse washing bedridden senior woman and drying her hands in nursing home

Personal Care

Our Customers are Masters in their own house and our aim is to facilitate that will. Our carefully selected and trained carers will ensure that the Customer’s privacy is not invaded and dignity, culture and believes are respected.

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26374499 - senior citizen woman getting medical pill with water in a retirement home

Medication Assistance Plan

It can be extremely confusing to keep track of what medicine is taken for what in particular, when it needs to be taken, and are there any conditions attached.

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35458701 - homecare cooking dinner for elderly woman

Healthy Eating

Your health is important, and one factor to help maintain good health is through food. We understand there can be a number of factors that stop you from maintaining a balanced, nutritional diet.

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