Multiple Daily Visits

We understand that sometimes you may require some assistance with specific tasks throughout the day, whether this be a couple of times or several times, but you also want the peace of mind and flexibility to be left to enjoy your own company or possibly sit and enjoy your time in private with your nearest and dearest, once the task at hand has been completed.

We respect your privacy, and independence and understand you may just want some support at select times/days, and that’s why our multiple daily visit plan is perfect to help achieve this.

Our multiple daily visits can help by:

  • Being available at set meal times – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner to prepare or provide you or your loved ones with a warm tasty meal
  • Assisting though out the day at the set times of your choice
  • On hand to help with morning wake up calls, and evening bedding down requirements
  • Assisting with your medication or exercises

No matter what the requirements our supportive caring carers are on hand as and when you need them.

Visits can be organised in the morning, lunchtime, afternoon, evening and night. Or any occasional times during the day.  Our comprehensive personal needs evaluation will help you to make your choice.

Other Hourly Care Plans

42164517 - helper serving senior woman with meal in care home

Daily Visits

If sometimes maintaining daily routines can be challenging due to factors such as ill health, or lacking the energy needed, try our daily visits.

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42163970 - group of senior couples enjoying meal together in care home with home help

Weekly Visits

For those of you who need support or care in areas where it can be, or you would like it to be done during a specified day of your choosing.

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Bespoke Care at Home

Sometimes as a result of an illness or injury, regardless of your age or lifestyle you need occasional help to live your life to the fullest!

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