Bespoke Care at Home

Our bespoke homecare plan allows you to dictate exactly what you feel you need, and want support with, and how often you would like it.

We are here to help make your life as fulfilled as possible, by taking away the stress of certain tasks whether large or small, and freeing up more of your time and energy to focus on ‘yourself’. You can therefore have a personally assigned carer, or a couple of carers to visit you daily, every few days, or weekly at the times that you prefer to help with a number of tasks. Some of these include the following:


  • Personal care, including assistance with brushing your teeth, showering, bathing, moisturizing and helping put on or assistance removing your garments.
  • Domestic care, typically ensuring your home is kept fresh, clean and more importantly a safe place for you to live in
  • Nutritional care, from helping plan and prep meals, to cooking them from start to finish for you
  • Morning support and/or evening bedding down support
  • Specialist care for more challenging health conditions, as and when needed

Why choose YEHS We Care Bespoke Homecare Assistance?

With our bespoke homecare our first priority is to find out how you are currently living, what you are currently struggling with our feel you may need assistance with, and what your ideal scenario is. Once we have a better understanding of this, we will then go on to ensure we match you up to a carer who is not just someone you can relay on, but also a friend.

Other Hourly Care Plans

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Daily Visits

If sometimes maintaining daily routines can be challenging due to factors such as ill health, or lacking the energy needed, try our daily visits.

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42163970 - group of senior couples enjoying meal together in care home with home help

Weekly Visits

For those of you who need support or care in areas where it can be, or you would like it to be done during a specified day of your choosing.

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Multiple Daily Visits

We understand that sometimes you may require some assistance with specific tasks throughout the day, whether this be a couple of times.

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