1. Customer Care is a priority for us. We will always strive to achieve the highest level of National Care Standards and much more.
2. Our involvement in Customer care and support always will be accompanied with honesty and respect.
3. We will continuously ensure that care, treatment and support meets customer needs. Assessment of Customer’s personal needs and explanation about available options will be our focus before providing the service. We will do our best to make sure that Customers receive safe and appropriate care that supports and meet their needs and rights.
4. Before providing any of our support services, the Customer or Customer’s Health Attorney will be asked whether he/she agrees to it. The care or treatment programme will be pre-agreed in advance and the responsible person will be named in the agreement. It is an agreement between two parties and not a one-sided obligation.
5. We will provide and assign the best suitable Care to meet the Customer’s needs. We will also ensure that the care at home will meet the Customer’s needs in terms of cultural background, language, gender, disability, age, sexuality, religion or beliefs.
6. We will endeavour to explain to the Customer what is happening at every stage in the care at home or particular procedure.
7. Irrespective of the Customer’s cultural background, language, gender, disability, age, sexuality, religion or beliefs, we will always be tolerant and respect their human rights.
8. We will always respect the Customer’s decisions and not invade his/her privacy and treat them with dignity.
9. We will not discuss any private matters except those that are related to treatment or care.
10. We will always do as much as we can to make our Customers feel safe and protect them from possible danger or abuse.
11. We will use the best technologies and our best efforts to ensure that Customers get the relevant medicines when they need it and in a safe way.
12. We will continuously ensure that our Carers and staff undergo thorough personal and professional checks.
13. We will provide Carers who have the knowledge, skills and experience to meet your health and welfare needs.
14. We will work and liaise with other Carers and Customers’ friends to avoid misunderstandings and disputes with other individuals who may look after him/her with us.
15. We will always ensure that our Customers are cared by staff who are well managed and who are continuously developing and improving their skills.
16. We will always carry out routine checks on the quality of our staff. We will regularly monitor the quality of services to ensure Customers receive the best possible support and care.
17. We always respect our staff. We are legally responsible for our Carers well being. At the same time, we expect understanding, respect and appropriate behaviour from Customers.
18. Abuse or discrimination of our staff is not accepted. We will do our best to ensure that our care workers will not be placed in such situations.
19. We will always ensure Customers’ personal records are accurate, kept safely and confidentially.
20. Complaints by customers, or a person acting on their behalf will be resolved in a satisfactory manner, following CQC Guidelines and Our Complaints Procedure.